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Internet speed


1: Seeker

I have been on Vodafone Gigafast fibre since March on the 100Mbps package, In September I decided to change the package to the 500Mbps fibre. This was done on the 18th September.

In the post i received the Pro package items, USB dongle and SIM, Mesh device etc but the service had still not changed at the 24th September. So after being on hold for an hour I spoke to one of the advisers to be told that the order had been cancelled!

So they started again and setup the upgrade, again in the post a few days later i receieved yet another USB dongle, SIM card and mesh device but again there had been no change in the fibre speed (still on 100mbps).


So since then I have been calling back waiting anything up to 2 hours in the queue or getting cut of at an hour to speak to the tech team and still no resolve to this.

I think i'm up to my 10th calling in the last 2 weeks and not getting anywhere, now paying for the 500mbps but still getting the 100mbps package.


Anyone else had issues with changing packages on the fibre connections?


Typing this whilst on hold again up to 1hr 26 mins again so far!!



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