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Internet speed

New Vodafone Broadband Line - use my existing router or wait 10 days?

2: Seeker

Hi All


I am switching over from Virgin Media to Vodafone for my home broadband. have opted for the Superfast 2 offer - speeds up to 63MB and I am due to get this installed at the end of the month. 


Currently, I use two Amazon Eero devices for my WIFI mesh at home. Albeit with the Virgin router set to modem mode, I believe the default Vodafone router doesn't allow this - and as a result I will need to use the Eero devices in "bridge" mode. Although I have heard of "double nat" issues if I continue to use the Eero as the router. I am not sure what this means, or what the issue of double nat is. (Any guidance would be appreciated) 


However, my question is - would it be best to wait until 10 days have passed before setting up my Eero devices with my new Vodafone line? Or can I do this after the Openreach engineer has left? 


I recall reading that for the first 10 days, the line is being "optimised", and as a result the speed will vary until finally settling down once the 10 days post install completes.


Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.  


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10: Established


When the new router from VodaFone arrives, set it up and give the same password as your VM router.

You will be able to see and connect to the router, different IP numbers...  to   and the DNS is the same, although you could try the VM ones.

Wi-Fi password can be the same also.


You can get a username and password from vF to use your own router should you so wish.


My transition was pretty much just amending a few IP numbers and a password and for about 10 days had both systems running, therefore I see no reason for any hiccups.



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