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Very slow Fire Stick 4k

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I've just switched over to Vodafone superfast 2 from Sky fibre, today. T the vodafone broadband is faster and has a good signal. When I test the WiFi speed on my phone (next to my TV) I get 43mbps download. The Fire Stick 4k on the TV is only getting 0.3mbps. Is this something to do with the 5g v 2.4g channels? The router /hub is upstairs. How can I fix this please , as the firestick is unusable but was fine with the Sky WiFi. Thanks


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Is the Vodafone router in the same place as the Sky hub was.

Did you have Sky Q and was a Sky Q box or Sky Q Mini box attached to the TV.

If it was then the Firestick was probably getting it's wi-fi signal from the Q box via the Sky mesh.

The back of a TV is a very hostile environment for wi-fi so try getting a HDMI extension cable to move the Firestick away slightly (Firesticks usually have short extension cable supplied but it doesn't always help).


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Hi @Nogbad251, as @Jayach says, router placement can be an important factor in broadband strength and speeds throughout your house. Are you are to move your router closer to the Firestick, or pop the Firestick on to a HDMI extension at all? I use a Firestick and have found that moving the device from behind the TV can help improve your speeds a little. 

How old is your Firestick? If this is an older device, it may be worth looking into a replacement as these can lose functionality over time.

I'd also look into splitting your SSIDs on your router.  The frequency your device is able to connect to depends on your device capabilities and your location to the router. You'll find 5Ghz is more easily available within close range of the router but when obstacles such as floors, walls or objects create more of a barrier then your device will automatically connect to the 2.4Ghz range. Is your device connecting to the 5Ghz range at close proximity to the router (in the same room)? Has it ever been able to connect to this frequency?