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Slow upload speed

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2: Seeker

Hi all, I have Vodafone Ultrafast 500. I have decided to change my router from the one provided by Vodafone to the one I had previously with another provider due to it constantly dropping connection for specific devices. It isn't ideal for this as it is Netgear Orbi RBR50 and after a lot of struggles, I have it up and running. The problem is on the Vodafone router the upload speed always matched the download speed, however, on Orbi I get 400Mbps download and only about 30 Mbps upload. I am a newbie when it comes to networking and I really don't know where to look for an issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Settings I used:

VLAN ID 911, priority 0 (won't load anything on priority 7)

User and password provided by Vodafone, everything else is stock/unchanged.


So I too had slow upload speeds of 140 on a 900/900 line Vodafone adamant nothing was wrong I told them if the line was fine then its a router issue they told me their routers don't fail😂😂


Bought an Asus router today set it up and surprise surprise I'm getting 900/900

Would you mind sharing which model have you bought? I think it's time to pair my way with Orbi as well, too fed up with it.

I bought the Asus rt-ax82u it was 158quid from amazon but set up was smooth and easy and the customisation within the router app is brilliant compared to the stock Vodafone router also with it been a wifi6 router my s22 ultra and my tab s8 ultra and my partners iPhone and ipads are pulling 800+ upload and download over WiFi.


Obviously this shows an issue with my Vodafone router yet Vodafone still won't even acknowledge their hardware is at fault😂


Hopefully now my problems are over 


 that is over WiFi in the kitchen my router is in the lounge

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Appreciate some time has now passed, and this reply may not benefit the OP…. but I recently switched to VF Gigafast 900 (via City Fibre so 900down/900up)  and was experiencing similar slow upload speed issues (30-60Mbps) when using my Orbi mesh set-up when compared to using the VF supplied router. 

The fix (for me at least) was to turn off the Orbi ‘Traffic Meter’ function found within the ‘advanced set-up’ section of the Orbi web UI. As soon as I’d done this and the settings were saved I immediately had full upload speeds again using my Orbi router (Ookla speed test used throughout).

I must have turned that setting on ages ago but have never used it since so no loss. For reference, my previous Sky FTTP connection was via Openreach so was 900down/100up….and the Orbi never had any upload speed issues with the traffic meter setting enabled there so still a bit weird, but glad it seems to be resolved now.

Hopefully that helps anyone else with an Orbi that is having strange upload speed issues.