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Internet speed

Speeds are terrible

2: Seeker



So i signed up again to super fast 2 with the pro WIFI, start of the contract i was getting through to English call centres when i had issues then over the last month been through to Mumbai constantly i am  sick and tired of the slow speeds soon as someone downloads anything for example a 200mb file can say goodbye to any kind of streaming as it just stops, my internet is slow most evenings and the wifi boosters they provide keep disconnecting themselves load of crap. 


They have been told about this on numerous occasions but get fobbed off with the amount of devices on my router only issue is i cant even cancel the direct debit if they dont fix it as my mobiles are tied to the same plan

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12: Established

.@chris34732 Could you grab the router screen showing line speed, errors and signal strength please. Also go to a test site such as and . The second one from BT is quite useful as it gives information from the green street cabinet.


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