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Internet speed

UK - Vodafone Broadband - "Speed Sync" at 37.1 Mb/s, actual download speed 4-6 Mb/s

2: Seeker

Good afternoon HomeNetworking, I'm hoping you are able to help me today. Had a look through but couldn't find anything on my situation.


UK resident with Vodafone Broadband, I pay for their highest tier of internet which is supposed to be 55Mb/s guaranteed minimums. From day 1 I have not been able to get anywhere close to that speed, multiple complaints and engineer coming out to look and the determination was the wiring to the building simply cannot deliver that, Vodafone slaps a per monthly discount on my bill and calls it a day. There's no fispeed test bre in my building so I was half expecting as much, fine whatever as long as I can get consistent reasonable speed I'm not too fussed...

As tittle says my actual download rate is between 4-6 Mb/s. Morning noon or night its always around this speed. When I spoke to Vodafone about this they told me to check their wifi app and informed me that the "sync speed" in the "info and support" setting of the app should confirm how much speed I'm getting delivered to the router. It reads at 37.1, even when testing it (both wired and wireless) to see what results I get which are again within the 4-6 range (2-3 for wireless). I've now tried new a new DSL cable to the router, and a new Ethernet cable to the PC just to see if there is any difference and nothing has changed.

So my questions are-Does the "sync speed" in the app actually mean anything real, or is it just some way for Vodafone to fob off customers by pretending that is what your download speed is and the problem is somewhere else?- Is there any other component that could be causing the slow down on my end?- Its likely I'm going to need to speak to Vodafone again, is there any better way for me to describe this problem to them so they will actually be able to help?

Thanks for reading and any tips or help is much appreciated.

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12: Established

Hi .@MaxiBelas the "SyncSpeed" is effectively the line maximum capacity. What you experience can be a combination of: 

  • the line from the exchange to the house
  • the remote system not sending to you quickly
  • the Voda infrastructure in the middle
  • how many other people are using Voda at the same time
  • the connections to the router in your house

Now some of these you can change, but the SyncSpeed is very unlikely to change unless OpenReach upgrade their physical stuff. The problems is that Voda use SyncSpeed as their metric when it is nothing at all like your real-life experience.


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16: Advanced member

Sync speed is, as said, the speed the router is connecting to the local cabinet at. There will be some overheads, but you should expect downloads of about 25-30Mbs on that sync.

How are you testing? Some speed test sites can give inconsistent results. is usually reliable.

You mention a PC, is that the only device you use? Do you have a mobile phone and can you confirm the results on that.

Were you previously with a different ISP in your current property, and if so what speeds did you have with them?

You can also see the sync speed and other useful stats by logging into the router at

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