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Internet speed

Vodafone broadband speed crawling since March 30th

2: Seeker

This place doesn't look that active, but as I'm seeing report now and again with the same issue on different sites, but no where to see them all in one place, I thought I'd post this.

Is anyone getting super slow speeds since the night of March 30th?

This isn't just slow either. The router indicates high speeds, but doing a speed test shows I'm only getting 0.8mbps download. Sometimes I can't even lospeed test ad speedtest website it's showbox that slow.

After doing all the basic tests:

Switching cables

Changing filters

Power cycling the router

Disabling the wifi

Reconnecting the dsl

Plugging into service port

Also plug phone into service port call and listen for static

The setup seems fine and as I've seen some reports around the UK, it leads me to believe there's an issue with the router.

Just speculating, but I think they sent an update out and it messed up older routers but works fine on newer ones.

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16: Advanced member

Are you saying you have had minimal downloads speeds for 6/7 weeks, but have not reported it to Vodafone?

Are you testing wired into the router?

You seem to suspect the router so which router do you have?

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16: Advanced member

what speed test program are you using and also whats speeds should you be getting as well as the questions asked by jay 

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