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Internet speed

Wifi unreliable and bad.

2: Seeker

Got vodafone wifi just over a month ago and the wifi has been unreliable since installed.

The sync speed says 80mbps yet it has never been that high and constantly drops to below 10mbps download. When gaming online the ping i get goes over 150ms even when connected via ethernet and downloading anything takes much longer than it should.


The speeds are temperamental with sometimes running at 50mbps but mainly being at 30mbps or below which is not what you want when you pay over £30 a month. Its even hard to stream a video when there is only a couple devices connected making it render every 10 seconds.


The Internet has been terrible and everything i talk on the online chat I get told the same things and to complete the same things which have not helped at all. Every time I've tried to contact the wifi expert team they're never available, even waiting in a queue for 40 minutes to have it cancel my place.

Anyone have any advice?

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Hey @Ckj119 👋 I hope you're well! I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your broadband speeds, I know how incredibly frustrating this will be! 

If you have one of our Pro packages, unfortunately you will need to keep trying to speak to the WiFi Xperts team as they have the necessary system access in order to run tests on your service to find out why you are experiencing these issues. I appreciate that the lines are extremely busy at the moment and it is difficult to get through. All I can really advise is to keep trying the helpline number unfortunately. 

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