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Very Slow Broadband with TP link on Windows 10

So I've recently bought a new PC (Windows 10) which I've connected using a TP link I used prior on my Xbox with no issues. Since using it on the PC I've had ridiculously slow speeds <1mbps and ping of 400-750ms. Normally it is 42mbps and 25 ping.I al...

Very slow Fire Stick 4k

I've just switched over to Vodafone superfast 2 from Sky fibre, today. T the vodafone broadband is faster and has a good signal. When I test the WiFi speed on my phone (next to my TV) I get 43mbps download. The Fire Stick 4k on the TV is only getting...

Speed not matching sync speed

I recently moved over from Plusnet - about a month ago. I was expecting to be seeing something close to the advertised minimum of 76mbs (router has settled on a sync speed of 80mbs - in line with BT's expectations for my property, which is a few metr...