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Speed not matching sync speed

I recently moved over from Plusnet - about a month ago. I was expecting to be seeing something close to the advertised minimum of 76mbs (router has settled on a sync speed of 80mbs - in line with BT's expectations for my property, which is a few metr...

New SF2 Faster Than Expected !!

I’d like to show some appreciation as I’ve just  moved to Vodafone from Sky I got a speed estimate of 35.5mbps - 54.3mbps with an OpenReach minimum of 32.4mbps. We are 700m from the FTTC Roadside Cabinet and at the edge of a rural village  Over the l...

ThomOD by 2: Seeker
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How to speed up Internet

So we have changed to Vodafone from sky, i must admit one thing and that is connectivity wise our internet is a lot better now. But we don't get our recommended speeds and its really not very productive. We have plugged it directly in at the wall and...

Jackh99 by 2: Seeker
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speed tester

Why is the Vodafone speed tester on their app constantly higher than speeds measured by independent speed test software, mostly 20 to 30 Mbs difference.Has Vodafone nobbled their speed test software so they dont have to pay out

Resolved! I want to say thanks for the highest speeds I've achieved here!

I just wanted to say thank you to Vodafone for the easy switch and best speeds I've recieved from any ISP at my property! I've also been pleasantly surprised by the very friendly customer service, genuinely some of the happiest and most helpful custo...

Jalu by 2: Seeker
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