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Digital voice adapters compatible with Vodafone

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Hello.  I have just switched from BT to Vodafone FTTP with Digital Voice.  Does anyone know how to make BT Digital Voice Adapters ( connect to a Vodafone router?  I am just seeking a means to connect the various wired telephones that I have around my home to the router so that I can still use them, as I did when I was with BT.  I have one telephone hardwired to the router but that just leaves me with one functioning telephone in the whole house.  Quite what the benefits of this Digital Voice system are, I do not know!  It is just a real pain in the backside!  Thanks in advance for your advice.


If you still have the original phone wiring in place, that is the wiring used before you went to full fibre (FTTP), you should just need to run an RJ11 to BT cable between one of the TEL ports and a BT socket. (Something like this 3m RJ11 to BT Modem Cable Lead Telephone Phone Plug BT Socket 2 PIN Crossover 5060457589539 | eBay)

Or use the "internet" cable that came with the router and something like this RJ11 to BT Plug Adaptor - Connect ADSL DSL Cable to BT Telephone Phone Socket 5060457589744 | eBay

It might be prudent to disconnect the incoming feed from the master socket, just in case it is still connected back to the exchange.

I have to say I haven't tried this, as I don't have FTTP (and not likely to for at least 2 years) but can't see why it won't work.



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16: Advanced member

@Bluejay99 wrote:

I got back to Vodafone - they told me that you can only plug a VOIP phone into the router. 

Now that is definitely wrong.

You can not connect a VoIP phone to the TEL sockets on the router, I don't understand why they tell people that.

The TEL sockets connect to an ATA (Analog telephone adapter) built into the router.


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Rather than have the cost of adapters for different phones in different rooms you should invest in a set of cordless DECT phones.  They connect wirelessly to a Base Station which has the only wired connection to the router.  We have used a quad set of Gigaset DECT phones for many years, chose anyone brand and handset that you like.   Our main phones are connected to a special 4G router as calls are cheape for usr that way.  If you later go to a different Voip supplier the phone base will plug into the VoIP device

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3: Seeker

Do Vodafone have any solution for connecting a DECT phone system to their router, wirelessly, as per the BT Digital Voice Adapter offering? The base unit of my DECT setup is not near to my router, so the BT wireless adapter is a perfect solution. I am considering a switch to Vodafone but it doesn't appear there is any way to get my phone system working, other than to run copper wires through the house! If the BT adapter won't connect to the Vodafone router and Vodafone don't have an adapter, does any other  manufacturer produce something that would work? - wirelessly. Thanks

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16: Advanced member

@rl11 You can plug a DECT base station into the THG3000 router, it has been discussed in this forum.

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16: Advanced member

Is there a reason you can't move the dect base unit closer to the router? I do understand that occasionally the base unit will have a built in answerphone, but with voicemail on the vodafone digital voice service there's no real reason to restrict yourself. 

Hi mate tried sending you a message but won’t let me.. regarding sip config files, found drive links to them on threads but they’re all dead now. Do you have a fresh link to Google drive with the config files?



As you say, base unit has the answerphone. Far more convenient to be able to see messages are left (via flashing red light) and then just press a button to listen to them aloud via speaker.

Downstairs bathroom between lounge and room with router. Would have to run a wire up the lounge wall and across bathroom ceiling somehow

Apparently not!  We had to move our DECT base station to the room where the Vodafone router is located to physically plug it into the router.  This was not necessary with BT on FTTP because their adaptor allowed the base station to connect to the router wirelessly.

It does seem odd that no-one but BT has thought this through. There must be a market for a universal wireless adaptor.