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Joined Vodafone Broadband on 11th December from BT and now have no landline or internet

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I joined Vodafone on the 11th of December from BT and have had nothing but problems.  As of the 16th of December and landline is not working at all and we have no Internet whatsoever.  Every time I called Vodafone customer services I get told a different story.  Originally I was told to be contacted within 24 hours then 48 hours and then the next adviser said 72 hours but possibly longer due to high volume.  We run a business from home so have been unable to function for two days.  I also work for the NHS from home and have been unable to get onto the hospital network.  Apparently no fault is looked at over the weekend by Vodafone so the 72 hours will run into Monday.  With no guarantee can be fixed then we could be still without Internet over Christmas.  We were with BT for many years and never lost our landline. I’m disgusted by this and want people to be aware this is going on and to think twice before switching to Vodafone.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Have you called the broadband support line? 08080 034 515

Yes multiple times to be told an engineer has been notified but timescales change every time I call and now they are saying 72 hours or longer but weekend hours are not included in this.  Wish I’d never moved from BT

Seriously before you purchase anything do your research as a quick search will find that Vodafone Broadband has a review score of 1.3 out of 5 on trustpilot and thats over 12k reviews. 
Every time I upgrade they try and push broadband onto me, Never in a month of Sundays.

if I was you I would cancel asap

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Nmillar I understand that it's important to get this sorted and your broadband up and running, especially now and in time for Christmas!

I would advise contacting us on social media so that we can get this looked into and chase up your activation. Make sure to include a link to this forum thread so you don't have to repeat yourself, your landline/account number and full name.

I finally spoke to the higher technical team today who said Openreach were looking into the fault but we’ve received no feedback as promised.  They said it was a major fault affecting other houses but I have checked with my neighbours and the local forum and nobody else has been having problems!!  If no further tomorrow I am going back to BT.  Have spent hours on this today and got nowhere- I will be making sure everybody I know does not move to Vodafone and go through this.