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Landline and broadband down - but how to report the fault?

2: Seeker

This morning our broadband and landline are disconnected - so is that of our neighbour. This leaves us dead in the water as there is also no Vodafone signal. I've gone out to get a signal. Calling 191 gets a message telling me that there are no faults in my area - but I am trying to report a fault! I tried the online chat - but the person didn't understand what I was trying to explain and kept asking me about lights on the router etc. 


How can i report this line fault and get it passed to Openreach so it can be fixed?

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Hey there @Hogwarden I understand how important it is to have a stable connection, especially now. Could you confirm your city and/or town please? If we are aware of any issues, we'll let you know.

So that we can run some tests on your line, please drop us a message on social media. Make sure to include a link back to your post to save you repeating yourself, along with your landline/account number.

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