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REN value from thd3000 Router (digital voice phone)?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

In a week I am having to have digital voice, I was told I could not renew my contract without, I could have stayed on a rolling contract at a premium cost, but to take a new contract the digital voice was a requirement.

In preparation I have stripped my homes extension wiring from the master socket and wired it into a BT junction box with a flying lead that is currently pugged into the front of my master socked and after migration will plug into the adaptor (already arrived) in the router.
I quite like it like this as my master socket now only has BTs 2 wires in the back and my homes phone wiring is all separated off on its own circuit which I can feed from the master socket, the router or what I like.
So far so good, all my homes phone points are sorted and will be live come migration day.

My question is, does anyone know the REN of the router, BT master sockets have a REN of 4 which means 4 phones can be plugged in assuming the normal REN of 1 per a phone.
I am already at a REN of 4 can the router handle this?
I have requested and been granted a second adaptor for the second phone outlet on the thd3000 router, If I split the phones over the two points, will I have more REN available or is it shared between the two outlets?

I'm hoping is a REN of 4 per outlet but maybe I hoping too hard. I could potentially put my burglar alarm and DECT phone in one outlet and my house wiring with my vintage rotary phones i the other outlet


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Most ATA's have up to 5 REN per RJ-11 FXS port.

That sounds promising, so you time I may be lucky and get a REN of 5 on each outlet making 10 in total?
No I'm getting excited to get more vintage phones 😁

** Think not time sorry