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Switching from Virgin Media to Vodafone and keeping same Landline Number

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Yesterday my Vodafone Superfast 100 full fibre Broadband was installed with VOIP landline facility (built in the Hub) . I currently have 100mbs with Virgin Media anyway and a landline. Just switching to take advantage of the £25 monthly deal (far less than what I'm paying with Virgin Media).


I'm keeping my existing landline telephone number I have with Virgin Media and it's at the same address. So it should be straight forward and I'm overlapping services in case of problems with Vodafone, though I think it should be easier to have my existing virgin landline number moved over if I'm still a customer.


Ok so the broadband works fine, but my landline doesn't work even though the HUB seemingly indicates otherwise as the white LED phone indicator is permanently on, and even flashes if I dial my home telephone from my mobile, (indicating an incoming call) but I have no ringing tone from the phone or dial tone and it doesn't work if I try to answer the call. All silent.


So today, it still doesn't work but now neither does my Virgin Media line. At least I had a dial tone on that yesterday indicating normality. 


So I called Vodafone and some nice vodafone 'tech' chap assures me he's familiar with switching from Virgin Media to Vodafone and that it will take two to three days and I'll get email notification of it being sorted and then once my landline is working ok, I can call Virgin Media to end my services with them. 


Has anyone else experienced any similar issues? or perhaps a smooth switchover that worked fine (specifically Virgin Media to Vodafone).

Many thanks in advance. 


Ps Was thinking I'd have the choice of using my landline on either provider while overlapping, didn't think I'd have neither at some point. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@NickGC - thanks for explaining what's happened and I'm sorry to hear you're now without service on your landline. I'd like my team to take a look at the status from our side. We'll need some details from you, please come and talk to us through Social Media

Thanks Gemma for the offer of assistance. I've solved the issue. My old telephone was not working with the Vodafone Hub. Tried a more recent phone and works fine.


My Virgin landline went down because the telephone No was ported over to Vodafone (as I requested) but it seems can only be used on one system despite being at the same home address and still paying for Virgin Media of which I've since given them the required one month notice to end services with them.