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Vodafone VOIP Landline?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi guys, I have recently put Vodafone Siro Broadband and I'm paying an extra €5 per month for a landline. The issue here is that I can't find a blood device that will work and it seems I need now to buy a Voip compatible phone or whatever that is. Anyone here managed to find one of these or can indicate me a place in Dublin that I can purchase one from


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It sounds like you are a Vodafone Ireland customer and you will need to speak to your home network @gyanmlila  You won't be able to get any help or advise here, it's Vodafone UK help and support.

For the rest of us UK customers, can you tell me if the phone connection will work with a generic VoIP Device attached to aTP Link Router, we use a number of DECT Cordless phones to access our home needs.  When I contracted with Vodafone I was told that there was seperate VoIP Device supplied by Vodafone that I could use with any router.  Customer Service have denied such a device.  Am I stuck with Vodafone's terrible router?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


In the UK the phone service is included, so there is no extra cost. Unfortunately it's unlikely we could answer your query.


No the phone connections (via the TEL sockets on the router) is for analogue connected telephones. (i.e. the devices we've used on BT for years)

There is no problem using VoIP phones, but it is not be possible via Vodafone's included phone service.

So, no you are not stuck "with Vodafone's terrible router", but you will need to have a separate VoIP service.

It is possible to use the Vodafone service via various "Grandstream" devices, in fact there is a whole thread about it. however that is not officially supported so I have no idea what you believe you were told.

4: Newbie

Yes, I found that one but hoped the complications had been sorted out.  New to Vodafone, I have no idea if there was anything from Vodafone themseves.  I must say that while self help groups like this are not the Vodafone company and therfore have no official status for errors, not that there is any real come back for the misleading information they provide at the time of purchase