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Vodafone voip FTTP calling features

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It is ridiculous that Vodafone do not let you use Calling features with the exception of the 3 following:


Caller display

Anonymous caller rejection


Yes, anonymous caller rejection is free and is available on all voip lines by dialling *227# to switch on or #227# to turn it off although anyone calling you on withheld number won't hear a message, the call instantly cuts off as if its an invalid number.


But what about the other features which are mainly free on all voip providers including BT Digital voice and Vonage? 


Call waiting

Call Diversion

Call baring

Quick dial

They are the basics!


Vodafone complaints told me its because the service is new, and?


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Hi @nick_london I appreciate your frustration here. Whilst these extras aren't available now, that's not to say they won't be available in the future. We're always updating and upgrading our services, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on our website and social media channels for all of the exciting updates!

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I know that over two years has passed since the original post but seems not much has changed.

Until August 2023 I had my Broadband and Digital Voice with BT. My contract was up for renewal and I was getting a good deal moving to Vodafone. I too am surprised at how basic their Digital Voice is compared with BT.

With BT the Smarthub has a DECT unit to which their phones connected. These phones were supplied free at the time I was moved over to DV.

The Service included Call Waiting and Call Divert as standard at no extra cost. Also I practically had two lines, I could be on a call and someone else could make or receive a call.

So all in all Vodafone's Digital Voice is so much more basic, almost like a backward step from the old copper system. I don't understand why as the technology used by both BT and Vodafone is operated by Openreach.

Maybe they can explain?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Archie07 wrote:
So all in all Vodafone's Digital Voice is so much more basic, almost like a backward step from the old copper system. I don't understand why as the technology used by both BT and Vodafone is operated by Openreach.

That isn't really true (the bit about the technology being operated by Openreach, the Vodafone VoIP service is, as you say. terrible)

Openreach are responsible for the physical network connection, the VoIP service(s) that runs over it is entirely up to the providers.


@Archie07 wrote:
Maybe they can explain?

If they did, it would be a first!

They are now available on Digital Voice. I was the OP 

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16: Advanced member

That's great news, though not available to me. Certainly not call waiting (the most useful) - tested and failed.

@Jayach how's your calling features? 

Perhaps you should call them. I checked my Vodafone account and the Calling features on thing is switched on. However, I once switched this on during my first contract with Vodafone on Digital Voice and I was charged £2.50. I'm not being charged now but they are definitely working on my Digital voice line. Did you try *43#?? The calling features work well. Perhaps there's 2 platforms of the Digital Voice service?? The 1471 service won't let you return calls on my one. Also on my first contract, it was possible to return anonymous calls but it didn't reveal the number and it used to shock people at how I obtained there number.

I am on FTTP and the calling features are still not available to me, free of charge anyway. When I log in to my account online the Calling Features are listed but at a £2.50 monthly charge. I haven't tried adding it as I don't want to be charged for something that might not work (as Vodaofne still claim they are not available on DV).

The 1471 return call does not work either.

Vodafone Calls Plans are a bit annoying too compared to BT. With the Anytime Plan Landline and Mobile are included but you have to remember to not go over the hour or you will be charged. The Evening and Weekend Plan does not include Mobile Calls which isn't much good as a lot of calls are to mobiles now a days.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Ripshod wrote:
@Jayach how's your calling features? 

I'm still on the PSTN, so they are fine.😉