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Vodafone want to give me a new VOIP number.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

So I used to be with plusnet and they were happy to continue giving me phone and broadband until they take down the copper cables in 2025 or whenever its happening, but it was more than what others were offering so I moved to Vodafone under the explicit agreement that they could transfer my number over to their VOIP service.

The switch date comes and nothing happens, long story short after a days worth of calls and pointless talking, I had to ring plusnet and get them to release the line so that Vodafone could take it, but that meant another 2 week delay without phone or Internet. 

Two weeks later, an openreach man comes out and does the work and both phone and Internet are working fine. Yippee!! 

Another two weeks go on and a lady from Vodafone calls me (today) and says she's sorry about the issues I've had with the phone but they can't fix it and have to give me a new number. I'm surprised and a bit shocked as I've had no issues with it. It's worked fine for me, although I haven't used it tons so I can't vouch for it 24/7. 

She said that there is a problem and they've tried to solve it but its something to do with the file for my number won't save properly and they need to give me a new number because they can't have me without a phone in case of emergency. She gave me 2 options, I can change the number or they can terminate the contract and I can try get someone else to transfer it. 

But neither of those options are viable for me. I only chose Vodafone because they offered to retain my number, and I would not have left plusnet if I'd known that it could not be retained. 

My guess is also that if Vodafone are having issues with it, then everyone else will too, so I'll have lost the number entirely and they get out of whatever they've messed up pretty cheaply. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with the service at all. I feel that its about them trying to save themselves from a headache, be it a technical or legal one. But I could be wrong. She did offer compensation at £9.30 per day since the service was installed, or something like that. But I'm really not interested in it. I just want my number and broadband to work. I just don't get it, as it works fine. 🤷 

Hoping someone on here can tell me what's actually happening and what I can do about it. What a nnightmare its been😕




16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Chaotic_Awesome wrote:

Two weeks later, an openreach man comes out and does the work and both phone and Internet are working fine. Yippee!! 

Another two weeks go on and a lady from Vodafone calls me (today) and says she's sorry about the issues I've had with the phone but they can't fix it and have to give me a new number.

Bit confused, are you saying you have had your number working for 2 weeks since the Openreach engineer visited?

And if so is that with it connected to the router or the BT socket?

Yes, the openreach engineer wasn't needed at the property, as I tried to tell them at the time but they insisted on sending him out anyway. There was already a master socket 5c.

Anyway yes since its gone live the voip and broadband have been fine. Not quite two weeks ago, 11 days maybe. So I'm also confused... about why they need to change the number when it has worked fine all that time. 

And yes it's plugged into the Vodafone router. I have not connected it to anything else yet, although I planned on it. 


I suspect the agent who rang you was working on old information and no idea the problem has already been solved. Communication between the various teams in Vodafone is not good.

How has she left it, are they going to contact you again? Lets hope she doesn't break it.🤞

Starting to think you're right and they've got their wires crossed, as they've just rang again to literally read me notes off a screen and to tell me they're still going to ring back Thursday. I reiterated that nothing is wrong with the phone and she said well make sure you tell them when they call. I said I have done yesterday and she said she'd leave notes on there so they don't mess about any more with it 🤦‍♂️ talk about one hand not knowing what the other is doing. 

Fingers crossed they don't do anything stupid 🤞

Will update on Thursday. 

Thanks again! 😊 

Hi again Jayach, Don't know if you read my most resent comment but apparently the phone only half works. I can call all numbers on it, I can receive calls from landline and vodafone mobiles, but I can't receive calls from other network mobiles. In those cases, it says the number is not recognised. It's a weird one, but I've left it with their top tech team and going to ring back Monday. I don't have much faith, though, as it's now been 3 days and there still isn't any improvement. 

My biggest fear is that they've lost the rights to the number and it's returned to BT. But that wouldn't explain why landlines can call it. 


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

So apparently the number only works to and from other Vodafone numbers which is why I didn't detect a problem. The woman said there's nothing they can do and have tried tirelessly to fix it. I am beginning to think they've lost my number and thats why it only now works internally. Had it since 2001 and if I'd have known they would have ballsed it up I would not have changed. 

Long shot but does anyone know what I can do at this point, if anything? 🫥

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As you say, the fact some calls can get through should mean you haven't lost it and Vodafone should be able to complete the port.

However number porting in the UK is apparently heavily paperwork driven, depending on where the number was originally issued and could involve multiple companies. Just take a look at these couple of links. (I can't be totally sure how correct they are)

Phone Number Porting - 4 Important FAQs (

UK Number Porting Process – Lansalot Limited

It's surprising it works most of the time.

I suspect Vodafone just want to give you a new number as it's easier than trying to resolve the problem.

If you haven't already, I would raise an official complaint, they may be able to put pressure on the other teams to try harder. 

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone UK