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Get your phone holiday ready!



Lots of us are going to be jetting off on our summer holidays in the next few months, and we’ll want to stay connected with everyone at home (even if it's only to make our friends jealous 😁).

So before you leave, take a look the below to help make your phone's holiday ready 🌞

  • Will there be any charges? Check out Tobi – he’ll be able to tell you the exact cost. Just enter your number and the country you’re travelling to and he’ll let you know of any charges.
  • Will you benefit from a European Roaming Pass? If your plan doesn’t include our 51 European roaming destinations, check out our EU Roaming Passes.
  • Are there any bars on your account to prevent roaming? You can check if you’ve any roaming bars on any number connected to your account via the My Vodafone app. You can also use the app to update your Spend Manager cap to cover any costs you may incur while abroad.
  • Do you need to turn on roaming on your device – The handsets you’re taking may have roaming restrictions built in that may need turning off. Check out our device guides for more help with this.

Hopefully your phone will now be ready for your summer holiday 🏖 But if there’s anything we’ve not covered here, or you’d like us to check this from our end, don’t hesitate to reach out via our social channels.