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We’re closing down Sure Signal


We’re retiring Sure Signal from our network throughout 2021 and will switch the service off completely in September 2021. This means you won’t be able to use Sure Signal anymore, or register a device to use it.

You should keep getting the same signal strength as before, if not better, as most devices that work with Vodafone Sure Signal can use WiFi calling instead. They should work on the Vodafone networks as well, so you probably won’t notice a difference.

What you need to do - To make sure you can keep using your device you should:

Turn on Wi-Fi Calling on your device

Check the coverage in your area


You can do this at any time – you don’t need to wait until Sure Signal has stopped. If you can only get 3G in your area and your device doesn’t support WiFi calling, then please get in touch with us.


When we’re turning it off

We’ll let you know 60 days before we turn off Sure Signal in your area.

Vodafone account holders will receive a letter and registered users will get a text.

Why we’re closing it down

We’ve made such big improvements to our network across the UK, Sure Signal just isn’t needed anymore.

Back in 2010, we introduced Sure Signal to make sure that everyone could get a good signal, no matter where you lived and worked.

Over the last decade, we’ve increased our network coverage, and technology in mobile devices has improved. This means it’s easier to get a good signal in more places, so we’re confident we can continue to provide a great service without Sure Signal.