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4G Mobile Broadband vs Phone Data

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am using a TL-MR6400 with an external antenna (XPOL-1) on an Unlimited Max Data plan and am struggling to get above 1.5mbps versus my iPhone 12 (on 4G mode) which can achieve 6mbps in the same location as the antenna.


Speedtest on the TL-MR6400 is when wired to the router. Antenna location is SL4 1QZ / and is on a brick wall.


Can anyone advise:


  • Can I expect to get similar results between a phone SIM and mobile broadband SIM assuming hardware is the same? (Therefore pointing towards an issue in my router / antenna compared to the iPhone).
  • Any advice on external antenna positioning when placed on a brick wall? Should direction matter much on what I understand to be an omni-directional antenna?
  • My thought was an external antenna / TL-MR6400 on 4G would be better than getting a GigaCube which would obviously be indoors. Is this a fair assumption?

Thanks for any thoughts!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @rgs500! I've taken a look at the postcode you've provided and the coverage is good indoors and outdoors across 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. I've also taken a look at the specific mast you connect to (No. 23272) and there's no downtime or maintenance. You should be seeing no difference between the Mobile Broadband speeds and your iPhone's data speeds as this is the same technology, however, there might be some settings in your router that are slowing the connection that I'd recommend looking further into 🙂