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Mobile Broadband

Cant get SMS or get into the web portal

4: Newbie

I have a Vodafone 4G router which I am using for mobile broadband and it works well.  I use the mobile broadband app on my iphone and ipad but  I can't get SMS messages or access to the web application using the app.  The screen changes colour and I get a spinning thing forever.  It used to work but it stopped.  I can't get into the router to check settings because I don't know the IP address and it might not help anyway.  I would like the web app to work mainly because I have once more device connected than I thought and thats the only way I can see them.  And who knows, pne day I might even get an SMS from Vodafone that actually matters.  Nor can I see the SIM phone number without the app and trying to get the online so called 'help' desk to unerstand this just makes me want to kill myself.   Any help appreciated.   TIA

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We're sorry to hear this @Twonko


Have you tried unistalling the app then re-installing it?


Let us know how you get on with this.

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