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Mobile Broadband

Changing from Virgin Media

2: Seeker

At the moment we have 3 TVs, telephone and Internet from Virgin Media at a cost of £112 per month. We have 2 Vodafone simm only contracts at £8 per month


I am looking to scrub all the VM products and replace them with something more modern and cheaper


Excuse my ignorance but I am thinking of having Vodafone broadband, cost £20 per month or something similar 


The questions and concerns I have are :

Would the Vodafone offer, support 2 TVs and 2 laptops running at the same time 

If I go the Vodafone route can I get Nat Geographic and History Channel for example

Should I look at getting freesat or similar 

Should I look at VOIP from Vonage as a landline alternative

Will I need to change the landline handsets

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@J8jcb We'd be more than happy to help with any questions you have. Alternatively your best bet would be to speak to our Sales team, who'll be able to see what are the best options available for you. Joe

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