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Wrong Sim contract

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently ordered a new sin only on a 24 month contract, believing it to be unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 8Gb data. However, when it arrived I was unable to to create a "My Vodafone" online account or activate the sim, but instead kept receiving an "Internal server error" message. After speaking with technical support, was told they needed to reset the account and clear the cache. This would take 5 days after which I would receive a new link and one time password. The link never arrived. Following a 2nd call the technical was told the same and wait 5 days for a new link. It never came. After a few weeks I called customer support to see if I could cancel the contract only to be told that I had ordered a broadband sim for a tablet which did not include calls or texts. This came as a huge shock as I clearly remember seeing the unlimited calls & text on the offer. If I did select the broadband sim offer it was a genuinely honest mistake. However, after being passed to an account manager, I was told that it was not possible to cancel or change this contract without incurring early cancellation charges.

I find it hard to believe that it is not possible to change this contract to a mobile contract and a really short sited decision by Vodafone thinking only about the next 24 months. I was really looking forward to returning back to Vodafone following a 3 year absence with Virgin media. As things stand I am now stuck with a 24 month contract for something which is completely useless to me as I don't even own a tablet if this cannot be swapped. However, if this contract could be changed we would both be long term winners as I would likely remain a long term customer, but as things stand if not swapped will not be using Vodafone again as long as I live and breathe and obviously beyond. Both losers in the long term. All because of a possible genuine mistake. Please do the right thing. NOTE: I still do not have an online "My Vodafone" account to this day, 2 months after the start date.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hello @Mickyc62 


Did Vodafone send any confirmation emails to confirm the order and contract particulars you chose ?

If they did it maybe beneficial to check those to see what type of contract you chose.

When you inserted the Sim Card into the phone was it noticeable that texts and calls couldn't be made ?

Vodafone offer a 14 day cooling off period to be able to cancel without an Early Termination Fee,  as detailed in returns-policies ,  but after that then it can get expensive especially so early into the contractual term.

Customer services via 191 or Live Chat are the avenues to see if they can look at a Goodwill Gesture,  but from what you write they are not currently not able to assist.

If you know of someone wanting such a contract type then you can look at a change of ownership. 


Or look at the Early Termination Fee via Cancel my Contract. “ Text INFO to 85075 and we'll text you back with the amount you need to pay, as well as what to do if you have other services with us.

The Vodafone Social Media Team's can look at the issue with logging in if you contact them via Facebook or Twitter as there is no account access via this forum.


I wish you all the best with this. 

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Many thanks for the reply. Looking through my emails, yes, I did receive a confirmation, but it does not mention data only although there is no mention of any inclusive calls or texts. I guess I must have ordered the wrong item, but not knowingly.


It was quite evident from the outset that I could not make or receive calls, but could not activate the sim (and still can't) so assumed that was the reason. If I would have been able to activate the sim upon receipt I would have known straight away that something was wrong and would have been able to cancel within the cooling off period.


I have already spoken to an account manager to try and cancel without fees, but my request was turned down, which is the part that I find to be very unfair since I have been unable to activate the sim from day one.