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Decreasing the price of Gigacube

2: Seeker

Im paying £50 a month for Gigacube. When my contract is up, is their any terms or technical details preventing me from my putting in a lower price unlimited data SIM usually found on phone plans into the Gigacube?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @stevedale22 


When you have reached the end of the minimum term and are no longer in agreement, contact Vodafone they will be able recommend a new tariff to meet your needs.


Alternatively, you will be able to end the Gigacube contract.


edited to add:  

If you refer to the Terms and Conditions for Gigcube, you will see that the SIM provided is for exclusive use with the Gigacube and you need to be on a Gigacube plan.  When you reach the end of contract, it will automatically drop to a 30 day contract at the same cost and will need to be cancelled.


Therefore, when you reach the end of contract before trying to cut costs by using a different SIM in the device, it would be recommended to contact Vodafone to clarify your options.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @stevedale22 


You can try and re negotiate a new contract by calling 191 and choosing the thinking of leaving option when the term is over or end that contract and Yes use a Vodafone Sim card with the allowances and cost more suited to your needs.


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