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ipad 4

 Went to a Vodaphone shop in town two days ago and purchased a sim card for my Ipad 4.Shows up as vodaphone uk  in settings, but does not connect to internet.Do i have to make an account in vodaphone ?How do I do that ?   

archer by 2: Seeker
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4G Gigacube and Tenda Nova MW3 mesh

I've just installed a Tenda Nova MW3 mesh connected directly to my 4G Gigacube and it is working fine.This is a very low cost mesh solution (under £50) but it was ideal for my home which has thick walls and little choice of where to place the Gigacub...

Huawei 5G CPE Pro and Unlimited Max SIM - No 5G

So I purchased an unlocked Huawei 5G CPE Pro and a Unlimited Max SIM-only plan from a Vodafone store. For some reason with this SIM card I am only getting 4G+ and not 5G. If I put my other Vodafone SIM card which is a 160GB plan I do get 5G on the ro...

Unable to add data pack to mifi

Basically, a data pack was bought from the account credit, but after a few hours, the account was refunded and the data pack was not added. It required assistance from an advisor to rectify this. This is a repeat of a post I made in August 2020 with ...

bobbyp by 3: Seeker
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Static IP for dongle or mobile hotspot

Hi all,  I’ve recently have purchased a dongle since I’ve had Wi-Fi issues at home and wanted personal network for work. And I can’t access my work without a static IP, the person who sold me the contract has convinced me that it’s going to have a st...

It Appears that Vodafone Unlimited Max Upload Is Capped!

 In Short: I have had a consistent problem with low mobile broadband upload speed since 9th Jan. this year when it dropped from a healthy average upload speed of 20.78Mbps (2dp) which I had monitored and recorded over the previous 8 months (see evide...

MSC67 by 3: Seeker
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“Privacy warning”

Dear Community, I hope someone can help with this one…. I’m pretty I knowledgable with anything tech so if I’m sounding a bit think please bear with me… so I have a mobile broadband device which works pretty well however this afternoon , in my settin...