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K4203 USB Modem for XP

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have used the USB dongle with Windows for seven years.

The K4203 USB shows red light and does not load the Huawei driver.

I tried to reinstall the Vodafone App & it got deleted.

Where can I get the Vodafone Quickstart & mobile broadband software?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @pearlkay - has this happened since you upgraded to Windows XP or were you using it with your dongle before?

Have you been able to reinstall the app since? You can view step by step instructions on installing the software here

Thanks for your response.

USB showed Red Light after it plugging it in before attempting to reinstall vodafone software on PC.

I need the Vodafone Quickstart software that comes on the USB dongle to reinstall it.

Where can I get this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

The device should still be plug and play even if you've removed the previous software on your computer @pearlkay 

The first thing I'd recommend doing is removing the dongle, clearing all your cache/cookies on the laptop/PC, restarting it and then once it's loaded, plug the dongle back in. If you're not prompted with the set up steps, then you can follow the steps outlined in the manual here

Should these steps not work, then we'll need to check your account and SIM - to do this, please come and chat to my team on social media

Cookies & cache were cleared many times.  PC rebooted & then VF software removed.

Device still showed red.  I believe that the device is faulty as it has been tried on several new PC's. 

I purchased Huawei E7723 USB modem from a store & the driver loads successfully with device indicating green.

I need to reinstall VF software,  which is not available on the new device.  Can you provide me with a link where I 

can download VF software for XP.  Please email:  [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information - please see Community Guidelines]

Thanks for any help. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pearlkay - thanks for the tests you’ve already done. Please follow the steps from here and also page 14 of the guide for your device here. If you’ve already done this and it’s still not working, then please contact my team through Social Media. If you include a link to this thread, then that will save explaining everything again.

How do I run setup when the USB is unreadable & inaccessible.

I have used this USB for seven years before.

Looks like you do not have software setup available on your site.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Please get in touch with my team, as @Gemma has mentioned above 🙂


Remove the usb modem and turn the computer on & try using revo uninstaller to remove the vodafone software from your machine, restart your machine and then plug the K4203 in and let it reinstall the software & drivers for you.

If it is not showing up in device manager or my computer maybe you have "bricked it" they do break,ive had 3 that totally no longer worked threw the years.