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Daily Gigacube reboot

I have a Gigacube 5G running on 4G. The speed, depending on time of day, is anything from 50 Mbps to just over 100 Mbps. Almost every morning the speed is around 20-25 Mbps and if I do a reboot on the laptop through the router dashboard that speed im...

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Gigacube and Sky Glass

I switched to Sky Glass shortly after replacing Virgin fibre with Gigacube.Sky Glass is a complete streaming service for all content.It seems that Gigacube has a habit of causing the Sky service to drop out from time to time which leads to picture fr...

Data packs and logging out from My Vodafone

In the last few days I have repeatedly tried to  buy a datapack from my credit but keep getting the pay by card  option. As I do not have or want a credit card and I do not want to use my debit card what is happening here ? Has  the pay from credit o...

Pay Extra Rip - Off

good day vodaphone;it is a real shame see you stopping the good service you provide for mobile broadband data; if the customer pay is far that have the servicehowever after your text message today broadband mobile will need to pay £ 5 for 3 gb data; ...

Only getting 3g connection

I bought a 16gb 30day eu sum card in Greece at a vodofone store. The representative put in the SIM card and it said 3g connection. I asked him why it wasn’t 4g and he said that it would take an hour. It has been a day and I still only have 3g connect...

Gigacube end of contract options

The 18-month contract for my 4G Gigacube ends next month so I chatted to the upgrade team online about the options.It seems that their systems were not great at pointing out that I could move to a data SIM plan now that I have, effectively, paid for ...

New Gigacube contract

I'm now about a month from the end of my initial 18 month contract with a Gigacube 5G which is 100GB for just under £33 (I can only get 4G at the moment but a 5G Gigacube was the only one available and, I thought, also future-proofs me). I looked on ...

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NW5 signal

Post Title: 'First half of post code - Area' e.g. ST1 – Stoke-on-Trent 1) Does the issue happen in just one location? If so, how far do you have to travel to regain service? have to travel at least 5 mins from the house to get adequate signal 2) What...

I feel I am being over charged

I cancelled my mobile broadband on 7th March, with I believe 30 days notice. However I am being charged a full month for the period 5th April to 4th May.  This is ridiculous.