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ZTE MU5001 International Roaming

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, have a ZTE MU5001 bought from Amazon and device worked fine with Vodafone while in UK.


But I happen to be in the USA and cannot get the device to have service.


I've used the SIM in the past with an iPad while international roaming and Vodafone have checked my account and is fine.


So I'm guessing there is something wrong with the settings ?


Tried going into the device and setting the APN Username/Password Wap with authentication type to None.

Set a check box called 'Check here, you can connect to internet in the roaming status' 


Restarted several times etc but no luck.


Anyone know the magic settings I need ?




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The announcement here may explain the reason for the problems @berksgr  Roaming Changes in the USA 

Vodafone are undergoing website maintenance at the moment, when the page is back online there is further information on data packs here: Charge Checker 


As far as settings are concerned these don't change, you are roaming on an overseas network and continue to use the same settings as you would back home in the UK.  


I would suggest asking Vodafone to check your account, understandably this may be difficult when you are not in the UK.  If you would like the Social Team to help they can be contacted through social channels here: Contact Us 

Yeah thanks it's not that as it's a 5g / 4g modem.


Vodafone have checked my account and is fine,


It's the settings on the device.

The US networks rolled out 5G on wideband 5G (high millimetre wave) bands. 

They only a few months ago got their bands that the MU5001 supports for U.K. so coverage in US will be very limited as 3500MHz (n78) isn’t readily available like Europe. USA call it C-Band 5G.



USA bands:


There’s is also a International Roaming checkbox on the MiFi settings you will need to check the box.