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Using data before being connected?

4: Newbie

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me please?

Bought this new K5161 4G 150mbps usb modem, ive got it working but ive noticed if i check the networking tab in task manager on windows 7 or i check the status of the device in network and connection sharing, it shows that the device is uploading & downloading lots of data before i even click on connect in the "vodafone connection manager" 

The device isnt connected as i can not access the internet through opera or windows explorer but its using loads of data?

This does not normally happen with other usb dongles?

This is the vodafone connection manager details on the device.

"Vodafone Mobile Broadband with QuickStart

Version - 3.015.125"


Thank you in advance for any input on this matter!


4: Newbie

Hi guys!

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem using these vodafone K5160 usb modems?

Before clicking connect in the connection manager,

When i check the networking tab in task manager & checking the status in "open network and connection sharing" i can see the modem is uploading & downloading loads of data?

Im not actually connected to the internet though as i cannot use opera or internet explorer?


So the question is whats using it and how to stop it?


Thanks in advance!

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The most likely reason for this is the device is automatically doing computer updates @rjb73 you need to refer to device guides > basic use here K5161 data card 


You don't need to make a connection to the internet for the computer to start doing updates.  To avoid this happening, wait until you have a WiFi connection available for free in many places, and check for updates from your settings  > updates and security > windows update and check for computer updates from there.





I ill check the link you provided.

As for updates, ive never allowed any updates on any of my machines,the windows updates are swiched off and disabled in services,along with remote access etc?

Any usb modem ive had before wont normally start allowing up & downloads until the device is connected in the connection manager?



HI, Ijust looked at the link you provided, i wish i had a connection manager like that one, mine is nothing like it,this one keeps opening in internet explorer which i dont even use,it does not seem to have a seperate connection manager like usual usb modems.

I copied the url & got it working in opera but it still also opens in IE,who ever designed it like that was an idiot.

Dont know what this thing is downloading and uploading all the time,my other usb moden doesnt do that at all?



That K5160 i was asking for help about yesterday in 4.45 hours downloaded over 400mb & uploaded 12mb where as this normal 3G modem i was using previously just sits there and up & downloads nothing with the same sim in and obviously the same machine..


I would love to know why the hell it was doing that especially as it starts doing it before i even click on connect in the connection manager?


All updates and remote registry are disabled.


Iam now going have to purchase another unlocked usb modem from ebay,i only purchased this locked one as i got cheap on ebay.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

Has anyone else noticed there K5160 uses loads of data even before clicking on the connect button?

Also where is the connection manager as mine keeps opening in internet explorer which is a nightmare as i dont use it.

All updates are disabled and my other usb modem didnt do it?