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GigaCube 5G - WiFi weirdness

2: Seeker

I just got a GigaCube 5G and on my laptop I'm getting some funny WiFi behaviour: traffic just stops!


I'm happily connected to the Cube, everything is working fine, and then dead... no traffic. WiFi does not disconnect. Traffic just stops. A few minutes later it starts again. Then stops again. Then starts again. Then stops again.


I'm a Linux geek, so I looked around my laptop for information:

- syslog: nothing. Total and complete silence.

- tcpdump: lots of data being sent, nothing received - well, almost nothing.

- router log (on Advanced / System Settings / System Logs): nothing


On the tcpdump side:

My laptop sends ARP who-has - no reply

And... Cube sends me ARP who-has 192.168.8.x as well (to which my laptop happily replies)... while no other traffic (not even ping) works.


EDIT 2020-01-23: It's funny... Incoming packets keep coming for a while longer after ping stops working. So it's just outgoing packets that get lost/ignored/misplaced somewhere. I was using video conferencing, and the stream kept coming in at full speed after I had frozen for the other party. So the only reason I'd lose them is that my ACKs weren't going through either (obvsiously), but downstream was definitely working. Searches for UDP stuff in toolkit to test theory.


I have a feeling that two bugs got together to annoy me: one in the Cube, one in my Lenovo X1C1. I'm saying this because newer Vodafone routers trigger a firmware bug when I connect to 5GHz WiFi (so I'm pretty much forced to stay on 2.4GHz when Vodafone is on the other side)


I don't think there's any solution short of waiting for Huawei and Vodafone to come up with a fix, but I don't know how to tell them either. Normally I'd git clone the heck out of the firmware and try to understand what the heck, but Open Source this ain't (they just like to piggyback on it).


PS. I booted to Windows and everything is fine there


Device H112-370

Hardware version: WL1H112M Ver.A,

Software version:

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