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Gigacube Port Forwarding and Upnp not working

2: Seeker

I've been using the gigacube for around a month now and it's been working well for most downloads


however, I'm having a real issue opening up the upnp for games consoles and for servers to be able to have their own ports.  I particularly need 443 open for SSL connections.  No matter how I set them up with correct address or using the virtual server or looking for it via upnp when it's enabled I cant get it to open up any ports/


Can someone tell me the settings and how to specify which device has ports open in the advanced menu to make it work on vodafone

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Hey @Kinnth, what's your gaming experience like without being able to open these ports like? What NAT type are you using and which console do you use?

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4: Newbie

If you look down the list of threads you will see that this has been covered many times in many threads. The Vodafone cellular network uses CGNAT so port forwarding simly isn't possible directly. Rather than repeat what has already written please see other threads. If port forwarding is important to you then you will need to use a tunnel service.



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