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How much data do I have left?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have been using the Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle R219h for a while now without any issues. However, I have made 3 attempts in the last week to add a Data Pack and although they appeared to be accepted they didn't go through and I eventually ran out of Data. Customer Service didn't really solve the issue for me!

Today I visited a Vodafone store and bought a new Sim card with 15GB of data. My dongle is now working again.

However I cannot find how much data I have remaining. I have the MY Vodafone app on my phone but it doesn't show me how much data is remaining when I am sure that it used to. How can I find this information?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @mdtathome72   


If you have registered and set up the online account by following this link Getting Started with Mobile Broadband  as this is a new SIM, the most likely reason is the account has not caught up with today's usage, if you check again tomorrow or the following working day it should have caught up.


You can find how much data has been used in a single session from your dashboard and it should be showing there to give an idea of the amount used.



Thank you for your reply. I will wait a few days and see what happens 😊