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Mobile Broadband


2: Seeker


I have just brought a mifi for a trip to Europe and was wondering if I can use a normal sim in it or do I have to use a Data Only sim? Phone sims seem to be cheaper so not sure if there is an issue if used in a mifi unit?




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17: Community Champion

Hi @Nessie123 


There is no reason a voice SIM won't work in the device but if you are using a PAYG SIM, it would be a good idea to activate the SIM in a phone, set up an account to register the SIM and download the application to the phone from here: Getting Started , this will make it easier to add credit and get an indication of how much data you have remaining.


You don't mention if this is a MiFi device from Vodafone or unlocked.  You may need to enter the correct APN settings from here: APN Settings and download the mobile broadband software here: Mobile Broadband Software .  Also further information here: Device Guides 

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2: Seeker

Thanks :Smiling: 


The mifi is an unlocked TP Link.  So hopefully I should be able to get a PAYG, activate it in my iPhone, set up an account  and then  pop the sim into the mifi and hey presto, mobile data.


For the life of me, I can’t understand why Data only sim packages are way more expensive than regular sims - am I missing something?


Thanks again.



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