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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband blocking all incoming vpn client connections

2: Seeker

I have a Vodafone mobile data sim installed in a router. The router is configured with an openvpn server to allow remote access. It also has port forwarding set up to direct incoming traffic to other servers such as FTP, cameras etc. When attempting to start a VPN from anywhere on the internet using the openvpn client, the router is not receiving any data. Same goes for any other connection like FTP client connections. Even setting up something simple like a DMZ device to test a simple ping shows no data whatsoever getting to the router. Vodafone chat staff have no understanding at all. Their only suggestion is to send a new sim. Vodafone appears to firewall all incoming sessions. It's a real problem when we are working away from the office much of the time. What's going on with this? Is there a Vodafone firewall switched on by default that can be removed on request or some other solution? The same configuration on a landline plusnet broadband works without problems.

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