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One Number Service for 4G

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

In this uncertain time when we all trying to get back to normal and have to WFH, I have a simple use case.  I am using my mobile data to connect my laptop and work. Most of the time, this covers my need. However, when I am travelling on a motorhome or sailing boat signal is week. 4G router with an external antenna would solve this problem.  Or even when you are working from home and would like to go and buy a cup of coffee, but would like to have your laptop connected to the Internet during this short period of time. I have contacted Vodafone to check if I could use a "One Number connection" feature for this purpose (I am going to use the router from time to time so I do not see any reason for another contract for data SIM). But what I have learned, you could use this service for Apple Watch, Alexa, your car - but Vodafone absolutely does not want to give you such an option for your 4G router. Moreover, Vodafone is not selling any routers with external antennas in the UK anymore. Also, the Vodafone team did not offer me any alternative solution, rather than moving SIM from phone to router and back, which is quite not fit my purpose. I would like to leave my request to Vodafone to sell 4G/5G portable routers with eSIM, TS-9 ports and 'One Number' feature as this could help a lot of people who are working remotely now.

Another story is about the shop service from Vodafone. All you could get there is "we do not have", "we are not offering" and no interest to find you a solution. Comparing to the Three, EE shops I was absolutely amazed how Vodafone shop staff is absolutely not engaged with the customer. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience when you visited one of our stores recently @Webpilgrim. If you can give us a little more information regarding your reason for visiting the store, we'll see what we can do to help.

Regarding using your current mobile number on more than one device, as a mobile number can only be connected to 1 SIM, this isn't something we can offer.  In the instance of connecting your laptop whilst you're getting a coffee, have you tried creating a hotspot on your phone and connecting through this? It would allow you to use the same mobile connection for your phone and internet service. If you let us know the make and model of phone you're using, we'll be happy to offer any assistance you may require to do this. 

@Mark Ok, let's have a look at your website here We see that it is allowed to share data, minutes. phone number and contact with Apple Watch, Alexa and after talking to your support in live chat even car fitted with eSIM. So we could say additional personal gadgets. However, If I need my portable router to be connected this way - it is not allowed.  Just sell customers such personal routers with eSIM and allow them to use this option. Nobody needs more contracts. Guys, pushing me to another contract - a very old model for modern life.

Regarding mobile hotspot at my phone. You did not read my message correctly.  I am using it, but I have described few use cases where I need to use an external router. Let me recap this for you:
Case 1: I am would like to use mobile data at sailing boat or motorhome. I need an external router + an external antenna. Why? Because the signal is not strong enough. Router with TS-9 ports (which you had in stock recently) and onenumber service would solve this problem. If you ever been to Devon or Cornwall - you knew that you could forget about your phone there.

Case 2: I am working from home using my mobile device. I would like to go outside and buy a cup of coffee, while my laptop still will be connected to the Internet ("to stay connected"). Quite similar to the use case you are using to promote onenumber to apple watch. When your 2 devices are connected and share the same number but not close to each other...

Sharing account data allowance between 2 numbers would work as well, but you stopped this service - again to have more contracts. I presume OneNumber idea is perfectly suitable for my use cases, as I understand this is the idea behind having all your IoT devices connected to one account.  The aim of this message is to give you an idea that a lot of people after the pandemic will work remotely and they need a possibility to connect portable hotspots (suitable for their needs) to their main account, without having additional contracts


And regarding your service at the shop, the main problem is the staff. People who are not willing to help and not willing to listen. Especially if someone quite technical come to them to talk about different options you could offer. As I mentioned, I have popped up in the shop nearby (Three as I remember) and their staff describe me quite a few options, provided with model numbers of all routers they could sell, etc. I would definitely consider switching to them after my contract expire.