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R212 Firmware Upgrade

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Could someone please tell me where I can get the firmware upgrade for the R212.  I bought an R212 a couple of days ago to replace an old 3G MiFi that I had as we now have 4G coverage in our area.  While I get good download speeds of 30Mbs from 3 out of 5 bars on 4G, surfing the web is painfully slow as the browser (Chrome) constantly says Resolving Host... which I assume means it is doing a DNS lookup.  My diagnostics are:


Product nameR212-Z
Software VersionBD_R212V3.1
Web UI Version2.008.5513
Hardware VersionVer.B(T3)


I am hoping the 3.5 firmware upgrade will help resolve this.  Could someone please let me know where I can download this from and how to install it.




You need to factory reset the device, then it wil see it. I had the same problem :Smiling:

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Can you guys that are experiencing problem please advise what version of the firmware you are using and what the problems is?


I found that the version 4.5 is far more buggy than any of the previous. 


I loaded an old version 3.5 and find it to be most stable (only loaded last night but better than previous exp). 


In my exp, i had 3.5, 4.2 and 4.5 and neither of the two are any better. From 4.2 it goes for bad to worse.


Connection: ok

Reconnecting: ok

Download speed: ok

Browsing speed: ok


That is all the areas that i have tested

Personally, I think it's a little insulting.


At least just say, "no fix to your problem" or "no firmware updates have ever been issued". Don't make people think there may be a solution and follow some links to a dead end, it's just daft.


For anyone who is interested, I spoke directly to ZTE in the UK and China, firmware updates are available for the unit, but ZTE's reps were unwilling to share the new firmware with me because of existing carrier relationships in the UK [contractual obligations]. Vodafone have been too lazy to update this flawed hardware, and ZTE are too scared to hand out firmware updates to cutomers using badged units.


Don't expect any updates soon, given VF's track record on this forum, it looks like they are just trying to  fob us all off until we upgrade to a newer unit. In my case, I just switched carrier for my mobile broadband.. 


Bloody useless. I would "thumbs down" anyone who posts that link without an explanation, if it was an option 



Thanks for the reply but that link is of no help


404 ERROR Sorry, the page you are trying to view is not here

Hi Team - I am having the same firmware issues as others, please can I have the details on how to upgrade the firmware.


Hi PaulMorton,


So we can help further.


Please can you update your eForum profile, so that we have all the details we need to be able to send you the information needed?





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Hello, is the v3.5 firmware for the R212 due to be released soon?


I am finding that I need to disable 4G to get the best from the unit (when in a 4G area) as the throughput is not great.


IF not woudl it be possible to have a link to the beta?




Good luck


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi John, 


I've emailed this across to you. :smileyhappy: 






I've also just upgraded my r206 device to this r212 and am disappointed with the lag which looks like a common problem. Pleas could you you send me the firmware update to see if it resolves my issues.

Those who have updated their firmware, does it improve it?

Many thanks.

Hi MrSteveW,


I’ve sent this to the registered email address on your account.






Please could I have a link to the R212 beta firmware. I have read many posts and am having very simlar problems the device is unusable for most of the time.