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How many dynamic IP addresses are shared between users

Hi, Please can you tell me how many unique public dynamic IP addresses are shared amongst users? When I reset my dongle I notice that I get a new public IP. I have had issues with a website claiming they have recorded different users with the same IP...

mobile wifi R216 router slow after 9.1 update

So i update my R216 router about 3 days ago, sins then my internet has been slow and im getter a lot of lagging in my online games. i know its not the best to use this for online gaming. But the games i do play dont need much. I dont use the wifi par...


I bought a mifi device yesterday in one day it has used 5gb of data i only use it for internet no downloading or games or music this seems very excessive  I can't get broadband in my area

Resolved! Old SIM Card activation

Hi all, I have received a Vodafone USB 3G Modem with a SIM in it. When I use it with Vodafone mobile partner, it says SIM Activation needed. I have no info about this SIM other than the numbers on the card, the IMEI and the serial no. How would I act...

Top up voucher

On 29th May I went into the West Bromwich store for a £20 top-up voucher which Raheem gave me, a quick and easy transaction. Today I went into a Vodafone store for another such and I was asked the dongle number which is not needed for a top up which ...

dongle sting

Am looking for vodafone customers who were given a dongle by vodafone sales reps saying it was a freebie and have later been stung by data usage, we were given a dongle by vodafone saying as a loyal customer we are giving you a free dongle with 30gb ...

raddy001 by 2: Seeker
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Unjustified Data Charges [RESOLVED]

I sent this to the Nick Jeffery at nick.jeffery at and yet to receive a reply. Hi NickFirst of all, thank you for taking time to read this.I recently purchased a 4G 50GB dongle for £30 initial charge and £30 per month.After a few days I ...

firaez by 3: Seeker
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R218h block users

We have an R218h in an office and on the Mobile Wi-Fi app I can see there is an unauthorised device connected.  I'd rather not change the passcode for the device as that would also need dozens of authorised users to have to change their settings. Are...

BPLUK by 1: Seeker
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K5150 Firmware update

Hello, i have a K5150 dongle with version 4.0I tried to update to latest version but everytime i try it, it says failedIn the update app it says that the current version is K5150_UnknownI have the unlock code but still no results Thanks in advance

old SW in dongle

I purchased just SIM to my old dongle from 2012, in shopd told should working.My dongle is: K3772and i got message in my computer Service not found!Make sure that the Service with service name "VmbService" is running before starting Vodafone Mobile B...

shushu by 1: Seeker
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