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Mobile Broadband

eSim and laptops

6: Helper

Question: Can a Vodafone eSim be used on a Windows laptop?

The long and short of this question is that Vodafone told me they don't support laptops with their eSims, and that they will only work in mobile phones. I sceptical about this. I think Vodafone couldn't tell what device is using the eSim, and why would it matter anyway?

I wanted an eSim because of the flexibility it affords, and my laptop supports it (Dell Latitude 9520).

If I bought a SIM and converted it to eSim through the options Vodafone provides, would this be OK.

They also told me that the data only eSim doesn't support laptops, seems crazy to me, so I thought I'd get a normal eSim and just not use calls and text, since it's a laptop. Would this work? Bizarrely, their data only sim's are more expensive than the normal SIMs yet even they can do less.

Thanks for any advice

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11: Established

Vodafone's prices are weird and don't make sense to me!

  • Pay Go - Unlimited minutes & texts / 5GB Data £10
  • Pay Monthly - Unlimited minutes & texts / 1GB Data £11 (24 month minimum term)

That being said... I would test the waters using a Pay Go sim and see if it works before committing to a pay monthly tariff! Order a free sim and once received register for an online account. Wait a few hours (24 recommended) and use the swap sim option to switch to an eSIM and see if the laptop accepts it.

A list of officially supported devices can be found here:

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6: Helper

Thanks for your reply. I'll give it some consideration.

Incidentally, Windows 10 has options to add esim plans via the Microsoft Store. There are only two main providers, for the UK. If you click on 'show all operators' there are 8 listed, including Vodafone. Clicking on Vodafone takes you to a German Vodafone site where you logon by entering your mobile phone number and entering a one time PIN that's texted to you. Seems like a data only esim is possible, they are just not doing it in the UK. Think I might get a sim for a year, then see if a data only esim is available later on when Vodafone gets with the program!

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