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Domain Resolving Old IP by Vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello Team,

                I hope you are doing great.


Final users with Vodafone network are resolving our domain with an Older IP


A few weeks ago we migrated our Webservices with our domain, base on this the IP's has changed.
We've received reports from our customers Only from the ones using Vodafone, they are still getting resolved our domain with the older IP


This is generating a HUGE impact to us,  since we provide QR redirections services and when a final user with Vodafone scan a QR with their mobile, they are receiving certificate error since they are going to the older server.

Workaround from Our Side

Due this issue, we left the older server up and we attached a valid certificate and enabled the communication with the new infrastructure, but this is only a workaround.


We would like to if it is possible for you flush the dns records from your side to avoid this situation.
We received the reports from users around different countries such as Vodafone UK, Vodafone Spain and Vodafone Italy.
This is only hapenning with Vodafone and not other ISP providers.

Can you help us with this? Do you need more information from our side?

Thanks in advance!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Are you sure this is a Vodafone issue?  Checking your Domain using throws up multiple IP addresses both IPv4 and IPv6.  Sure that can be legitimate but those IPs need a host header (ie they are not unique to your domain).

Hello @CrimsonLiar thanks a lot for your response!
Our domain is pointing with a CNAME to a different domain with DNS flattening that's why you are retrieving multiples IP's when performing a call to check the resolution, this is performed by CloudFlare.

I can confirm that, this issue is only happening with Vodafone and not other ISPs.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello Community, any news or anyone can help us with this? 

I was checking into our Older webserver the requests and all the client Publics IPs performing requests are from Vodafone as per check into the whois websites.

From the Twitter support, it wasn't helpfully so any assistance on this will be really helpfully for us!