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Not receiving SMS from Hospital and others since porting in to Vodafone!

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3: Seeker


I have ported from O2 to Vodafone recently and since then dont receive SMS from PayPal & more importantly my Hospitalthere are probably others who I'm not aware of also.

Google shows many other Vodafone customers are also facing same problem, this forum is littered with many posts on the subject.

Just spent an hour and a half on the "Tobi" chat to "Ranjodh" who tried turning on and off premium text in my account, he had me taking my sim out rebooting my phone....basically I dont think he had a clue and at the end of an hour and a half couldn't drop the chat fast enough.

A very helpful lady at PayPal told me exactly what the problem was it seems Vodafone have to turn on "short-code"  messaging but this seems to be beyond Vodafone's "tech support" to resolve, I imagine the poor chap Ranjodh was tweaking every lever inside his limited account "dashboard" to no avail when I suspect it's something more fundamental perhaps some kind of server issue?

Never had this issue with any previous provider and I've had a mobile phone since the days of the Motorola "brick".

Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue?

Or am I going to have to switch providers again.

Any and all useful help gratefully received.




Hi @_Paul_ . Thank you for letting us know about the SMS issues you're facing, this is not the experience we want a new customer to have with us. From what you have described, this may be a split service issue where not all the number files have been ported over to us. Please contact our team on Social Media and they'll be able to raise this to the Porting team and request and missing files from O2.