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Domain blocked by Vodafone Secure Net

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Hi Everyone,

the users of our web services that use Vodafone Secure Net in Italy are blocked when they try to reach the sites of our domain.

The domain is and has a valid SSL wildcard certificate isseued by Thawte/DigiCert Inc.

The problem is also on all  subdomain (like

I ask if is possible to remove our domain and subdomains from the  Vodafone Secure Net blacklist, and I'd like also to know the reason the domain was blacklisted and the report source from it came from in order to proceed with other balcklist cancelations for other network providers.

Thanks for your attention.





Hi @gekosoftware 👋 I can see above that you mention this is being blocked by Secure Net in Italy, because of this I would advise for you to contact Vodafone Italy here who will be able to look into this further. I did check your domain and it is being flagged as malicious with multiple security vendors, this is most likely the main reason you are finding the site blocked by Secure Net. I have popped a link here where you can review security vendors who have flagged this. 

Hi @Andy , thank you so much for your replay.

My problem is that I don't find any possible contact for sending my request to Vodafone Italy. On the italian site is possible to ask support only for single Vodafone customer problem, not for a generic problem that inpact on third parties. Don't you know a possible italian contact to submit my request?  I've also seen the list of security vendors that flagged as malicious our domain, and I'd like to know how to request a new analisys of the domain or how to remove my domain from their blacklist.

I've queried this with our Networks team @gekosoftware to ask if we can assist with Secure Net services in Italy. Once we've received a response, we'll let you know - as we're approaching the New Year, a delay may be expected. 

In regards to the 3 security vendors that have flagged the URL in question as malicious, you should notify the problem to the company producing the detection, they are the only ones that can fix the issue. In your case it would be Antiy-AVL, Sophos and Avira. 

Thank you so much @Jason !!!! I don't know why Is so difficult to find a contact with Vodafone Italy. Do you think that also the other Italian telephone operators base their secure network on the blacklist of the security vendors or they have their own tools?

This isn't something we can comment on to be honest @gekosoftware with them being a different network and different country. As soon as we hear back from the team though we will absolutely let you know what they say. 

You're welcome @gekosoftware. I've had a response back and we've found a contact that can help with this. That being said, I can see security vendors are still flagging both URL's ( / as malicious. Two flags for and three flags for - before we can move forward, all flags need to be cleared by the security vendors. 

Hi @Jason , thank you so much! Now is clear and only one security vendor (CyRadar that I've contacted by email 2 time for  is still marking as malicius I hope that CyRadar could answer as soon as possible. So, from what you say, Vodafone base his black list on the reputation assigned by this security vendors, so it lead me to think that also the others phone operators do the same. So I've to contact Windtre Italia  and Tim Italia, but I've no contact for them, from their sites is impossible to find any contact. Do you know if the departement of Vodafone Italia could have the contacts (or how to know to contact) the similar department of Windtre and Tim ? I think that phone operators have some exchange between them to solve problems about the network.

Hi @Jason , now is clear!!! Pls, could you comunicate it to Vodafone Italia? 

Thank you so much!

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3: Seeker

Hi @Jason , @Effie and @Andy , now all the domains are clear! Could you comunicate it to Vodafone Italia?

Thanks to all.