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Network queries

Is anyone else having very poor data connection on Vodafone network since last week ?

2: Seeker

Since last 5 days I am getting very poor data connection on Vodafone network. Vodafone's data speed was bad for 4G as it is. But since last week. It has become completely unusable. Most of the apps have become unusable including youtube, play store. Web browser also does not work many times.

I have observed that some people are facing this problem, while some are not. My mother who also uses vodafone is not facing any problem at all. A friend of mine who lives in adjacennt building does not have any problem while another friend is facing the same problem as me. This makes me wonder if this is about compatibility between some sim cards & whatever changes Vodafone has made in their equipment. Does anyone have any info on this ?

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Hi @bruzehual, thanks for your post. What's the make and model of your phone that you're using? Could you also let us know your full postcode where you're having the issue? If you don't want to put this on the public post, please add this to your Community profile. 

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