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Mast in Old Road Crayford DA1 4DR

4: Newbie

There has been a fault showing g for the above mast for some time.  It says a specialist engineer will be sent. Has he got lost?   Can you tell me when the repairs are likely to be carried out as my signal at home is Almost zero.

The mast postcode is DA1 4DR


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @dhinxman - I understand how important it is to have the best possible connection. I've taken a look at your local serving site and I'm sorry for how long it's taking to get this resolved. Our internal information, does show a positive update noted on the case today. please subscribe to the alert shown on our Network Status Checker and we'll keep you updated. You can find a list of reasons sometimes work gets delayed here.

4: Newbie

Hi Gemma.  Many thanks for your reply, but it is still not working properly, the signal is terrible.   The "positive update" has reverted to the the original message that a specialist engineer has been asked to investigate.   This problem seems to be taking a very long time to fix.     Have you any other info?

Thanks for your reply @dhinxman. Looking into the network in this area, a fault has been raised nearby. It's noted that this incident is expected to be resolved as of 09 Feb 2024, and our next action date is tomorrow. If you register for updates on the incident here you'll be notified once we register this incident as resolved. I apologise you've been effected, and for the time taken to resolve. 

Hi Lucy

According to your status checker 3g has been switched off and the mast in DA1 still has the same fault showing.  I am getting one bar on and off if I am lucky with 4g.   Is anything ever going to be done to improve the signal in my area?  The status check says I apparently get a good signal which is rubbish.    I have purchased a brand new S24 and still have next to no signal.  This fault has been showing for almost 3 months isn't it about time this was rectified?

D Hinxman

The status checker shows the coverage and speed estimation we expect in an area when there are no issues, outages or maintenance @dhinxman From the last update on the engineers case notes, it looks like we are awaiting access permission so that we can carry out work on the mast but this takes a while to obtain. As the issue is already on the Network Status Checker, this will be updated as soon as work progresses. 

4: Newbie

The status checker is nothing like I am getting.      I am lucky if I get 1 bar with 4g, the status checker says full signal indoors.  Lucky I have WiFi calling.

As I previously mentioned @dhinxman the checker shows the coverage we expect when there are no issues, outages or maintenance works in the area but as there is currently a problem with one of the masts, the actual service you will be achieving in the area will be different. Once work on the mast is complete we would expect the service to go back to the expected coverage as shown on the checker. 

4: Newbie

This mast has been down since at least 23rd January.   Nothing has been done since, just a lot of promises.  Is there any possibility that repairs will ever be carried out on this mast?

It's disappointing to see your ongoing concerns regarding the network issue nearby @dhinxman. I've checked behind the scenes and I can see that our Network team and engineers are still working on this. The reason for the delay is because we've been required to get in touch with the local council regarding access to the mast site, so waiting for a response from the council had inevitably caused a delay.

Back in February, we were advised that the earliest we could access the site would be 25th March 2024. After requesting an earlier date, this was denied.