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Network queries

Network data speed in Fishguard

2: Seeker

Guys, does anyone have any info on when the Fishguard, Pembrokeshire (SA65) transmitters will be upgraded from EDGE to something useful and which works like HSDPA or HSDPA+ or even 4G? It's an absolute pain visiting our family there and being off grid, since they have no broadband either. It's so slow that even sending a 2 word message on Whatsapp is fraught with mishaps, dropouts and "failed to send"'s and all that shizzle


It's been like this forever, and how long have internet connecting phones been around? - got to be over 10 years now.


Is there someone in the Fishguard area who's blocking the planning permission or is it Vodafone, not realising that a population of around 3500 plus all the passing tourist trade might actually need some connection?

Or indeed is it Vodafone's apparent policy of Economic Development Prevention which is at work here, the same policy that led them to let EE have the march (on a silver platter) on 4G coverage.

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16: Advanced member

VF and O2 have their server (2G) on the mast at 51.983295, -4.978354 near SA65 9QS.

I've had a look on the LPA and have not yeat found any new planning applications. This is largely to be expected as an upgrade to the existing mast should largely be sufficient.


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2: Seeker

Yep I've seen that transmitter before.


Funny that where we live (DL2 3AS) we're well served with EE and Vodafone with 4G so network speeds actually exceed our copper broadband speed by a factor of 10. Though the population is similar to Fishguard, the population density is much lower. EE has been 4G in our DL2 patch for at least 2 years and Vodafone followed a year later (obviously didn't want to be caught leading the coverage race here either).


So the logic of upgrading one area vs another doesn't make apparent logic, when you consider the localised custom and passing network traffic. In particular in Fishguard Vodafone would be losing out on the roaming traffic as everyone coming off, or getting on the ferry from Ireland will no doubt hook onto EE. Either that or they'll be disappointed with their first taste of the UK's mobile data network.

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16: Advanced member

DL2 is quite near Darlington and traditionally networks rollout from an urban centre outwards.

Inbound roaming traffic will raise Fishgaurd up the upgrade list significantly. As a result, it is likely 2G because of extenuating circumstances like backhaul difficulties.

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