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Network queries

Poor 4G connection after mast maintained

2: Seeker

Post code NP44 7AZ. Normally connection speed was between 40 to 60 Mbps which has been the norm for the last 3yrs on my HUAWEI router.(used because of semi rural locations)

Network Checker showed maintenance on my local mast from 17th to the 21st January 2022. During this time the 4G connection was poor.  
After maintenance was completed I had 70 to 90 Mbps for 2 days . Since then the speed has been very erratic from 2 to 20 Mbps at all times of the day causing buffering on tv connections. My phone and my neighbours router also have exactly the same problem.

The local mast is about 800m from my house and has a direct line of sight with nothing in between.  Routers and phone have been rebooted but problem still exists.

Is there still a problem with the local mast ??? Or is there another problem in my area.

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Hey @Bobkowal I hope you're well! It's disappointing to hear that you're still experiencing service issues. Please drop our Social Media team a message here so they can run some checks on your local masts 🙂

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