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SecureNet blocking my website

4: Newbie

Hi there, I am the CEO of and a number of our customers and staff members have reported that SecureNet is blocking Vodaphone users from our website.  It says the connection is not private but we have a valid SSL connection in place.  Is there anyway to get it whitelisted and get these issues resolved?  Thanks in advance if anyone is able to offer some help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @enigma1985 - thanks for reaching out here. I've requested the site to be reviewed for you. The reference for this is INC000004815526. As soon as there's an update, we'll come back to you here. 

Thanks a lot Gemma, appreciate the quick response

Community Manager
Community Manager

@enigma1985 - thanks for your patience. The website has now been reclassified. Please allow up to 48 hours. 

Thanks a lot Gemma, does this mean the ssl issue will be resolved now?  Many thanks

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's right @enigma1985 - we recommend (after the 48 hours that Gemma has mentioned above), that those affected clear their cache/cookies and internet history before reloading the page. Let me know if you need anything else 👍 

Perfect thanks a lot

We are still facing problems with Vodapone users being blocked from our website, the most recent times were yesterday and the 1st of march.  The message they keep seeing is attached.  I have been trying to get you to sort this both on here and over twitter for over a month now but nothing is being done.



Hey @enigma1985 It's disappointing to see that you're still experiencing the same issue. I can confirm that this was raised to the SecureNet team and the site was fully reclassified to allow access. I have also tested the site on the Vodafone network today and I am able to access it with no restrictions.

Have you had your IT security team check the site themselves? How many users are reporting this issue? Do you have any other virus protection/ security applications installed on the devices you are getting the error message on? 

its particular links that are being blocked, not necessarily the main website link but I can't post them here as the links contain sensitive data, can I send a private message?