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Urgent Help! Website blocked by vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi team, @Effie 

My website 


I wanted to bring to your attention that our website,, is currently being blocked by Vodafone, incorrectly categorized as an 18+ website. It functions properly on Wi-Fi and other networks, but Vodafone is presenting an issue. We urgently need assistance in resolving this matter.


I have https enabled and SSL certificates (can be checked on 





16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Yup, that's restricted alright - (and incorrectly by the looks of things).
I have to pass comment though that the site design is not good (the mobile layout is better).  There's an awful lot of content that takes some real hard work to reach!  You might want to blind-test the site on a few consumers!


Appreciate your feedback. We're actively working on a web design update, but our immediate focus is resolving this issue.


Hello @Simonaciadis 

Thank you for raising this to us. We have raised your website now to be Reclassified and we'll keep checking for updates. As soon as we have any updates, we'll drop another message here for you 🙂

Hi @Simonaciadis Thanks for you patience! We've reclassified your website so it should be full accessible now. Please could you check this and let us know the outcome? 

4: Newbie

Reach out to Vodafone’s customer support or through their community forum. It seems that other users have had similar issues resolved by posting in the Vodafone UK Community forum. When you contact them, provide your website URL and explain that it has been misclassified. It would be helpful to mention that your site is fully secured with HTTPS and SSL certificates. Ask for a reclassification of your website. In previous cases, Vodafone has provided a reference number for the reclassification request and updated the category once reviewed. Keep track of your request and follow up if necessary. Sometimes these issues can be resolved quickly once they’re brought to the attention of the service provider. In the meantime, inform your users of the issue so they are aware that it is a misclassification by Vodafone and not an issue with your website itself.