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VoLTE to be blocked unless phone is on Vodafone approved list

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently recieved a text suggesting I upgrade my phone as vodafone now think my phone cannot use 4g for calling only 3g presently to be downgraded to 2g in 2024.

I am fairly certain I have in the past used VoLTE on Vodafone with my phone, but it stopped showing on the connection bar some time ago. It is still enabled in the settings.

My phone a Blackview BV6600 and is fully VoLTE compliant.

It appears Vodafone are refusing VoLTE based upon the manufacturer IMEI codes and not the phones ability and so monopolising the choice of phones users can have.

Can it be clarified if this will be rectified and by when or a matter for OfCom or our MP's to address, I certainly won't be buying the expensive and from my point of view (owning a waterproof rugged phone) rubbish phones, which Vodafone authorises on it's network.



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

So switch networks!
Having a contract with Vodafone is like taking a deal with Dell Boy. You can have 5G, yet no 5G for him/her! My phone has been stolen, can you black list it please? NO! You didn’t buy it from us directly. 10MB for you, max speeds for them. No VoLTE for you, buy from us and VoLTE for you! I could go on but I have better things to do tonight. 

Sadly some of us only have one mobile network covering the areas where we need a mobile and whilst Vodafone and O2 share masts O2 is just as bad:-

"*The device firmware is essentially the software the makes your device turn on and run. Sometimes there are different versions of firmware for the same device. For Android devices, Wifi and 4G Calling will only work on devices using O2 firmware. The device firmware is essentially the software that makes your device turn on and run. Sometimes there are different version of firmware for the same device."

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If a network specific firmware is required to make a network feature or service work, then that is because the network has locked down that feature or service to work with devices sold by them and them alone. 

One of the benefits of the iPhone is that Apple doesn’t allow anyone to alter, mess with or customise it’s firmware (unlike Android) and, as such, all features and services are available to iPhone users. 

The network feature is the reduction in quality of making phone calls from early 2024 and switch off by 2033, BT are cutting landlines as well and so the feature of VoLTE is making basic telephone calls. Yes we can still use 4g Data or WiFi and use Whatsapp or Signal calls but have far reduced call availability as the 2g quality is so poor, if any.


I really do not want to turn this discussion point into a discussion about the quality of branded products, my point about brand was only that cheaper 4g VolTE capable phones being blocked.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I've had the same issue with my phone and WiFi calling.
I lived in a dead spot for years and relied upon the Sure Signal service to give me a connection, Vodafone discontinued that a while back but since I didn't purchase my phone directly from Vodafone they wouldn't support WiFi Calling capabilities, despite my device being technically capable. 
They've since improved coverage in my area so it's not been too big a deal for me but I'm sure I'll have the same pain when they switch off 3G and eventually 2G. That'll be a while off yet so they might well change their minds by then.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Yes you're correct that's exactly what Vodafone is doing and other network providers, which is totally wrong so ofcom will have to sort it out,But in the meantime use WhatsApp which allows any phone with volte capabilities to use 4g calling 👍