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Network queries

What Gaurantees 4G Connection?

5: Helper

OK. So we all know by now that Vodafone are switching off 3G next year.

My phone does not support calling over 4G, so I need a new phone. No problem, I'm due for one anyways.

BUT  I get no Vodafone 4G signal where I live. My wife has an iphone 10 and gets no 4G signal on that either.

So what guarantees are there that my current working Vodafone 3G signal will be replaced with a working 4G signal?

Or do I simply have to go to another network provider?  Because I'm not getting a new phone from Vodafone on the "promise" of a 4G signal. I want to see it first.


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17: Community Champion

Yes @sparky17 Vodafone along with other networks will be switching of 3G, the good part about this is it will release spectrum to enhance 4 and 5G services.


There is further information here: We’re switching off 3G in 2023 


Just keep a watch on the coverage checker, upgrades will show there.   Although no guarantee, you may be pleasantly surprised at the improved reception.

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10: Established


The good news is that even though your phone may not support 4G calling (or any 4G at all), Vodafone isn't turning off it's 2G network quite yet, so chances are you'll still be able to make and receive calls and text messages as normal, but you might notice a drop in quality as it'll be falling back to an older technology. It might be worth looking into a cheap phone that does support 4G calling, as all networks are shutting off their 3G networks soon™, although I appreciate that especially in the current climate not everyone can do so.

If you're asking why they're turning off 3G in a year or so but not 2G until 2033, it's likely because of all the machine2machine/iot/automated stuff that only supports 2G.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: I realised that wasn't really the question you were asking, in answer to the question of what guarantees Vodafone will offer reliable 4G before they switch off 3G - Nothing, because of the reasons above.

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5: Helper

Yeah, Thanks guys.

That's the problem though isn't it. There's a chance that us people without a 4g signal won't know if we're going to get one until after 3g is switched off.

I'm waiting for a visit from someone with a "eeeeeeee" contract as I believe that there is now 4g in our patch with them, albeit more expensive plans.

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